Handbook: Preschool

Munchkinland and More are licensed under Kansas as a Child Care Center with Preschool Classes.  The preschool classes are held from August through May.  These classes will provide your child the basic skills and advanced skills they will need to help prepare them for kindergarten.  Interns from the high school will be in and out of classes to help. The Interns are high school students wanting to pursue a degree in teaching and/or childcare.

Our Teaching Philosophy:

         Our goal is to provide the best atmosphere in helping your child prepare for the upcoming school years.  In order to do this communication is of the upmost importance.  We want to be able to talk to parents openly about any questions or concerns you may have.  SO ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO ADDRESS ANY SITUATION.

Class Times:

          Munchkinland and More run two classes per week. Morning PK runs from 7:30-11 a.m., and Afternoon PK runs from 11:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m.  We will run an open-door policy. Parents are more than welcome to drop in and observe their children to see what they are learning.  Just remember they may behave differently and not stay with the routine when mom or dad is around.

Days Closed:

          We will run the same days that USD #257 does.  If they are closed than we are closed. This includes snow days, holiday breaks, and in-service days.

Show n’ Tell/Snack Day/Drink Day:

          Your child will have certain days that they will have show n’ tell and snack/drink day.  We will rotate snack days by how many children are in your child’s class.  This will be posted on their monthly calendar in their folder.  If you forget your child’s show and tell/snack day we will ask that you PLEASE go and get it.  The school will provide the napkins and cups. Things we ask are as follows: please bring snacks that are easy to clean up, stay away from those that can be messy and make for a long clean up, and if we are going to be celebrating your child’s birthday you may make something special if you would like to.  Also, NO TOYS are allowed at the school unless it is for show and tell. 

Please refrain from children bringing food into the classroom for breakfast or lunch make sure they are fed before they come.

Things Covered in Class:

          Things taught in class include the following: ABC’s, Colors, Numbers, Days of Week, Months of Year, and Shapes.

          We will add more things as the year goes on including: Rhyming, Opposites, Sounds of Letters, Sequencing, Color Words, Sight Words, Tying Shoes, Money, Telling Time, and much more.

Daily Routine in Class:

          We will start out in circle as class time begins where we will go over the calendar, sing our songs (Days of Week, and Months of Year). Then we will go over our Colors, Numbers, Letters, and Shapes. In the Pre-K class, we will add our Color Words, Sight Words, Address, Phone Number, and Birthday.

  After Circle time, we will go to the table where we will do papers that cover the letter, number, and our theme for the week.  This is where the kids will learn how to write their name, pencil control, cutting, gluing, and anything else we may use at the table.

After table time, we will have Recess and Snack time. Then after snack time we will go back to the table and do our craft for the week which will usually covers our theme, letter or holiday that is during the class week.

After craft time, is where we pack up and get ready to leave for the day.


          Discipline problems will be handled on a confidential level with the child’s parents.  We believe that young children can be outgoing and is learning at this age what is acceptable behavior and what is not.  We will only use the Time-Out method here at Munchkinland.  If your child is being disruptive we will place them in time out.  If and when we feel they are ready to join back in they will be allowed.  If the problem persists we will talk with the parents and find other possible solutions.

Communication Folder:

          We have found the best way for communication between us is through a communication folder.  Your child will keep this folder in their backpack and bring to school each class day.  The folder will be used for monthly calendars, newsletters, notes and reminders.  We will ask that you initial your child’s calendar after each class day so we know you have received and read the important materials.  Their daily paperwork that we send home is yours to keep so please take it out of folder so it does not get cluttered.  You may also write notes to me because the folders are checked daily.

          Other form of communication is our Munchkinland and More page on Facebook.  All you have to do is log on to your Facebook and go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/munchkinlandpreschool/.  Here is where you will ask to be a member and one of the group members will accept so you can have access to our group page.

The only thing that stays in folder at all times is the monthly calendar because this is how you can see how your child is doing with our behavior clip chart.  We will start the clip chart system at the beginning of October. Your child will be able to earn Pink, Purple, Blue or Green for good behavior or Yellow, Orange, Red for disruptive behavior during class.  If your child has 3 or more Red days for the month they will not be able to receive a prize out of the treasure box.  They will receive a Red for being disruptive, not listening to teachers, being mean to fellow students (biting, hitting, etc.), use of bad language, and other bad behavior. Any questions about this system please let me know.

Extracurricular Activities:

            As a class, we will have field trips throughout the year that include: Fire Station, Dairy Farm, Pumpkin Patch, Bowling Alley, and other places we may add during the school year.

          Also during the school year, we have a big Thanksgiving and Christmas Feast these will take place down at Riverside Park Gym usually between 11:00 a.m.-12:30 a.m.(Dates will be given as soon as I book the venue) where the children will perform songs that they have learned and where everyone will gather for a meal.  The children really enjoy themselves during these.  During the Christmas Feast, we have a special guest that attends where you can get a Kodak moment and the children will participate in a gift exchange.

          One of the BIGGEST events of the year is the graduation ceremony that takes place for only the Pre-K students.  This is where the children get to wear their cap and gown and take place in their graduation ceremony which takes place at the Iola High School Lecture Hall.


          If your child is injured during class we will assess the situation and take the necessary steps to provide proper care.  We will contact you if we believe it is serious enough to do so also 911 will be called.  All injuries will be documented.  We are CPR/First Aid Certified.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach your child and help prepare them for their future.  I love each and every child and they are all very special to me.

God Bless!