Meet our Team

Meet our team of loving, caring, and very enthusiastic employees here at Munchkinland & More.

Stacia Vanhouden

Poppy Seed Lead Teacher

Hello, My name is Stacia Vanhouden. I am a mother of a 6 year old boy Asher Wayne. We live in Humboldt, KS with my boyfriend and his three children ages 9, 12, and 13 whom I help with in anyway I can. So to say the least our household can get crazy 🙂

Growing up my mother had her own in-home daycare so I have always been around some type of daycare setting and when I was old enough I started babysitting as well. I previously worked at another daycare center in town before going on to working for the district as a para. When I was approached about taking this job here at Munchkinland and More I said YES!! I enjoy working with all ages of kids but I am a little partial to the infants since that is what age I worked with previously at the other center.

Maggie Rice

Poppy Seed Second Teacher

Hi! I am Maggie Rice and I am married to Jed Rice (works for city of Iola) and we have one child together our son, Jett Rice, he is the light of our life and we are so thankful for him.

I love all kids and have since I was very little. I remember during high school I was the one that always wanted to take home the baby doll to take care of it. So when I was asked to join the Munchkinland and More team I was ecstatic.

Madison Ellis

Kansas Lead Teacher

Hello Everyone! My name is Madison Ellis and I am married to Brock Ellis. 2019 was a great year for us we married and bought our first house and we are in the process of fixing it up.

I have previously worked in another center in Pittsburg, KS (The Center) before moving back home to Colony, KS. And I loved every minute of working with the kids. So when a new daycare center was opening I applied. And when I received the call I said YES!

Delanie Cammack

Yellow Brick Road Lead Teacher

Hi! My name is Delanie Cammack. I am engaged to Wesley Calahan and we have one daughter together Jennie May. She has been the best gift we could of imagined. And in 2020 we will be getting our dream wedding and we can not wait.

I previously worked at another center when I applied and I was asked to join the team here at Munchkinland and More. I could not wait to join this fun, caring, and loving team. We all truly love the kids so much.

Ashley Cook

Over the Rainbow Lead Teacher

Hello! My name is Ashley Cook and I am married to Bob Cook. We have four children ages 16, 13, 6, and 1 all BOYS. They definitely keep us on our toes.

I previously worked for the Middle School as a para. When Munchkinland and More approached myself about working in their preschool aged room I was beyond excited for a change and I said YES! I absolutely love coming to work everyday and seeing all of the kids.

Britain Folk

After School Closer/Summer-time Assistant Teacher

My name is Britain Folk. I am the daughter of Jesse and Kim Folk. I am 1 of 5 kids. So I have always grown up with a full house of chaos.

When Munchkinland and More opened I was so excited to start my first center job. The kids have been absolutely amazing, and I love coming to work and spending time in each classroom. It is hard but always rewarding.


Karlie Stephens

School Break Assistant Teacher

My name is Karlie Stephens and I am the daughter of George and Lori Stephens. I am currently attending Allen Community College for early childhood education and softball.

I have previously worked for another center and I also babysit for my previous high school teachers. I love children so much that I decided I want my career to be in Early Childhood.

Isabelle Bigelow

After school closer

My name is Isabelle Bigelow. I am the daughter of Bill and Michelle Bigelow. I am currently going to school at ACC.

My day job approached me about working for the center in the afternoon and I jumped at the opportunity. I have loved working with kids, and I want to pursue a career in teaching.

Sheila Bedenbender


Hi Everyone! I am Sheila Bedenbender and I am married to DJ Bedenbender. We work our own land with crops and cattle. I am Nany to a couple of the kids at Munchkinland and More and when I was asked to sub when needed I offered to help. I love helping with the kids and now all of the kids call me Nany 🙂

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